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Do you care about spelling when you use your usual IM Client? From now on IM Spell Checker will do it for you, because IM Spell Checker XP is an easy-to-use add-on for IM clients which will warn you or correct your misspellings while you chat.

Yes, it's extremely easy to use. You only have to install it and it will work in background while you are chatting. No matter the IM client you usually use, it supports the most used ones, such asWindows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Miranda, MSN, Skype,...

You won't see nag screens, you'll only see how the words you misspelled are underlined to indicate possible spelling problems. Then you decide what to do, if you'll use the suggestions, not use them, or forget that line and continue chatting as usual.

Run your IM Client and IM Spell Checker XP will be there to help you.

21 days trial period

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